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Cap and Gown Store
for High School Graduation Regalia
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Top-Quality High School Graduation Gowns

high school cap and gown

The Cap and Gown Shop gives customers choice and flexibility in ordering caps and gowns for high school graduation.

Just pick the color of your graduation gown (the same color will be used for your academic cap) and let us know what color tassel you like. You have the choice of a single color, or a two-tone tassel.

academic cap mortarboard and jumbo tassel
Academic cap and tasssel  Two tone tassel with mortarboard


We sell traditional shiny high school caps and gowns

caps and gowns

and also a matte finish caps and gowns.


The cost for the traditional (shiny) cap and gown set is $34.00 per set (cap, gown and tassel).

The cost for the matte finish cap and gown set is $38.00 per set (cap, gown and tassel).


Accessories (graduation gifts) include honor stoles and honor cords.



academic stoles honor chords
Honor stoles, blank $8.75  Honor Cords



academic regalia high school cap and gown
Honor Stoles with the word "honor" imprinted on the stole. $12.75  Gold Honor Cords, $8.75 ea




High School graduation cap and gown order form



Graduation gowns, caps, tassels, and gifts for graduates.


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