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Enhance your graduation with gifts and accessories


graduation gifts


The Cap and Gown Shop offers a variety of academic gift items, including: academic caps (mortarboards and tams); academic tassels; honor stoles, honor chords, key chain tassels, and jumbo tassels


Mortarboard and regular tassels can be purchased as a set or individually.

  • Individual mortarboards are $12.50
  • Individual tassels are $4.75
  • OR SAVE Cap and Tassel sets just $15.75

Your choice of either solid, or TWO TONE tassels at no extra charge. YEAR DATES are also no charge!

In addition, The Cap and Gown Shop also offers JUMBO tassels:

academic cap

  • Individual mortarboards is $12.50
  • Individual JUMBO tassels $8.75
  • Cap and JUMBO Tassel set for $19.75




Velvet tams are ordinarily worn by faculty members with doctoral degrees. These doctoral tams are available in your choice of 4 - or 6 - or 8 sided models.


doctoral tam


The doctoral tam is most often made of black velvet, however you have the option of having them made in PhD blue velvet (to match the velvet of our deluxe PhD gowns), light blue, scarlet, red, or any other color.


academic cap


You also have a choice of academic tassels. Most professors choose either the two-button jumbo silky doctoral tassel, or the two-button jumbo metallic doctoral tassel. Either of these tassels would be permanently attached to the tam.


doctoral tam

black doctoral tam with gold bullion tassel

Master's Tams

Although in years past , graduates with masters degrees only wore mortarboards, many faculty members with masters degrees know opt instead for 6 sided velvet tams, with black tassels, to differentiate themselves from their students. The cost for a "master's tam" is $64.50


graduation gifts

Master's Tam in black with plain black tassel.


The price for a doctoral tam or masters tam is as follows:

Doctoral Tams
 Black Velvet (standard) PhD Blue Velvet
All other Velvets
Jumbo two-button Silky doctoral Tassel  $78.50$93.50$98.50
Jumbo two-button Bullion doctoral Tassel  $92.00$107.00$112.00
Doctoral tam or Master's tam with plain black or gold Tassel  $64.50$79.50$84.50

When ordering a doctoral tam, PhD tam, or Beefeater, please be sure to include your hat size or head measurement, the type of tam you are receiving, color of velvet, and type of tassel.


Not sure what to get? Contact us about Gift Certificates



Honor stoles, honor cords, key chain tassels, jumbo tassels, mortarboards, academic caps, tams, and other academic gift items.





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