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Bachelors, masters and doctoral level academic attire including graduation gowns and academic hoods.

The Cap and Gown Shop is able to custom-make academic hoods for any school and any field of study.

Academic hoods are worn over the graduation gown to signify the degree obtained and the university or institution where the degree was awarded.

The degree is signified by the color of the velvet on the hood, which is seen on both the front and the back of the hood.

Academic Colors
Degree hood colors are as follows:

Agriculture / Maize
Arts, Letters, Humanities / White
Business (accountancy, commerce) / Drab
Communications (includes Journalism) / Crimson
Dentistry / Lilac
Economics / Copper
Education / Light Blue
Engineering / Orange
Fine Arts (including Architecture) / Brown
Forestry / Russet
Journalism - Communications / Crimson
Law / Purple
Library Science / Lemon Yellow
Medicine / Hunter Green
Music / Pink
Nursing / Apricot
Oratory (Speech) / Silver - Gray
Pharmacy / Olive Green
Philosophy /PhD Rich Royal Blue
Physical Education / Sage Green
Public Administration (includes Foreign Service) / Peacock Blue
Public Health / Salmon Pink
Science / Gold
Social Work / Citron
Theology (Divinity, Ministry, Religion) / Scarlet
Veterinary Science / Gray

Please note that in the case of the Ph.D. degree, the rich royal blue color is used to represent the Ph.D., rather than the discipline color or field of study.

What that means is that unlike an Ed.D., who receives light blue velvet for (education), or a D.Sci, who receives gold velvet (for science), or a D.M.A who receives pink velvet (for music), a Ph.D in science, education or music would still receive dark blue velvet.

Ph.D. holders wishing to dress up their hoods or doctoral gowns and "show their discipline" may elect to have us add degree color piping on their deluxe doctoral hoods or doctoral gowns.

The school colors are shown on the satin lining, which can be seen on the back of the hood.

Because many universities use different colors to designate each campus, when ordering your academic hood, please be sure to let us know the location (campus) from which you graduated, in addition to the name of the school.

Graduation Hood pricing:

QualityType of academic hood Piping? Cost
DeluxePh.D. Hood with piping 145.00
DeluxePh.D. Hood No piping 130.00
EconomyPh.D. Hood N/A 80.00
DeluxeDoctoral Hood with piping 145.00
DeluxeDoctoral Hood No piping 130.00
EconomyDoctors Hood N/A80.00
DeluxeMaster's Hood with piping 145.00
DeluxeMaster's Hood No piping 130.00
EconomyMaster's Hood N/A58.50
DeluxeBachelor's Hood with piping 145.00
DeluxeBachelor's Hood No piping 130.00
EconomyBachelor's Hood N/A48.50


The Cap and Gown Shop is reachable by phone, Fax and e-mail for all your academic regalia requirements.


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