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College graduation is the culmination of years of study and growth. It is a time for celebration, but sometimes graduation preparations can be time-consuming, impersonal and annoying.

Let us simplify the process of obtaining a cap and gown.

We have college cap and gown sets available for bachelor and career schools.

Most often individuals purchase their graduation gown sets in black, but we also stock a variety of other colors.



bachelors cap and gown



cap and gown colors


Just pick out the color of your graduation gown (the same color will be used for your academic cap) and let us know the color tassel you would like.

You have the choice of a single color, or a two-tone tassel.



academic caps academic tassels
Academic cap and tasssel  Two tone tassel with mortarboard


The cost of individual cap and gown sets is $48.50 (each). That includes the cap and tassel, graduation gown, and a year date charm that goes on the tassel.

If you are ordering multiple sets of caps and gowns, please contact our office, to see what discounts may be available.

Honor stoles and honor cords can also be purchased to complement your graduation gown.



academic regalia honor cord
Honor Stoles with "honor" imprinted on the stole. $12.75  Honor Chords, Gold, @ $8.75 ea

We can also special make "rental quality" caps and gowns (black or in color) upon request, designed for theaters and schools that wish to keep their gowns to reuse each year, or for faculty members with bachelor’s degrees. Contact our office for more details.


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