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Be head and shoulders above with our Academic Caps


The Cap and Gown Shop offers a range of academic caps, including the mortarboard, velvet tams and Beefeaters.
 Velvet tams are ordinarily worn by faculty members with doctoral degrees. These doctoral tams are available in your choice of four-sided, six-sided or eight-sided models.


academic cap


The doctoral tam is most often made of black velvet, however, customers also have the option to order them in Ph.D. blue velvet (to match the velvet of our deluxe Ph.D. gowns), light blue, scarlet, red, or any other color.


academic caps


We also give you a choice of academic tassel to go on your tam.

Most professors with doctorate degrees choose either the two-button jumbo silky doctoral tassel or the two-button jumbo metallic doctoral tassel.

Either of these tassels would be permanently attached to the tam


doctoral tam

black doctoral tam with gold bullion tassel


Or if you prefer you can receive your doctoraltam with a plain tassel.


The price for a doctoral tam is as follows:


Doctoral Tams
 Black Velvet (standard) PhD Blue Velvet (+$15.00) All other Velvets (+$20.00)
Jumbo two-button Silky doctoral Tassel  $78.50$93.50$98.50
Jumbo two-button Bullion doctoral Tassel  $92.00$107.00$112.00
Plain Tassel  $64.50$79.50$84.50


academic cap

"Beefeater" tams (red), which are preferred by some institutions, are also available at a cost of $122.50.


When ordering a docotral tam, PhD tam, or Beefeater, please be sure to include your hat size or head measurement, the type of tam you are receiving, color of velvet, and type of tassel.


academic regalia


When ordering a doctoral tam, Ph.D. tam, or Beefeater, please be sure to include your hat size or head measurement, the type of tam you are receiving, color of velvet and type of tassel.
Mortarboards and tassels are also available from The Cap and Gown Shop.

The standard one-size-fits-all mortarboard is normally included with purchase of any of our graduation gowns (high school gowns, bachelor’s degree, master's etc.) or they can be purchased separaTely.

The cost of individual mortarboards is $12.50. Tassels can be purchased individually for $4.75, or we can supply you with a Cap and Tassel SET for a reduced price of $15.75

When ordering, please specify color of academic cap and color of tassel.

Deluxe mortarboards with foam crowns (suitable for doctors wanting to wear a mortarboard in place of a velvet tam, but wanting one made of superior quality) can be special ordered for $28.50 each (or $32.50 with tassel). Please include head size when ordering deluxe mortarboards.


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