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Creating the perfect doctoral robe or PhD gown for your accademic attire is made simple by our custom doctoral gown designer.

*Select the COLOR gown from the drop down menu below, the degree (for the hood velvet)

*Select the color velvet you would like on the front of your gown

*Select the color velvet you would like for the sleeves of your gown (if different)

*and Select the color piping you would like

Then SEE how it will look together.



custom doctoral Gown academic colors Gown Velvet for Front Panels of Gown Gown Sleeve velvet custom academic regalia

For custom academic regalia, simply begin with our deluxe doctoral gown (@ $290.00) and add in the custom changes you want:

  • Piping-- add gold or other color piping to front of gown, velvet bars (chevrons) of gown, or both -- $75.00
  • Add a 4th Chevron (velvet bar) to sleeve of gown -- $40.00
  • Change velvet from black or PhD blue to a different color $30.00
  • Add a velvet hem to bottom of gown $40.00
  • Fabric Changes


Our deluxe gowns come standard with black Deluxe Pilgrim Cloth.  If you would like to change the color or fabric, we can

Change fabric from black polyester (Deluxe Pilgrim Cloth) to another color (but same fabric) $75.00

Change fabric to Regis / Majesty Crepe (any color) $125.00

Change fabric to Super 100's Tropical Wool (black only) $240.00


NOW THAT YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT, Order your custom doctoral regalia here (secure online form)


here (printable page that you can Fax to us or mail to us with check)


Questions, call us at 412-422-GOWN (412-422-4696) or email us at



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